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My never-ending tbr-list

When it comes to books I’m a selective greedy addict. I have way too many books on my tbr-list and I constantly adding new titles to the pile. I’m a moody reader and I prefer to have a …

Do you feel hype pressure?

I always proclaimed myself a hype-free reader. Looking back at my favorite books of 2016 here and my favorite books of 2015 here and here I see mostly backlist titles. I know for sure if I couldn’t look …

Review plan? – You don’t need it!

I guess all reviewers have some sort of review plan. I have one, and when I was a newbie reviewer I used it a lot. Nowadays I’m more flexible about it. I sort of have a plan, but …

Binge read series or read it book by book?

If you interact with me for a while you know that I prefer to binge read series. This way I don’t have to wait for months or even years for next installment. I’m not very good at waiting.