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My never-ending tbr-list

When it comes to books I’m a selective greedy addict. I have way too many books on my tbr-list and I constantly adding new titles to the pile. I’m a moody reader and I prefer to have a… Read More

Do you feel hype pressure?

I always proclaimed myself a hype-free reader. Looking back at my favorite books of 2016 here and my favorite books of 2015 here and here I see mostly backlist titles. I know for sure if I couldn’t look… Read More

Review plan? – You don’t need it!

I guess all reviewers have some sort of review plan. I have one, and when I was a newbie reviewer I used it a lot. Nowadays I’m more flexible about it. I sort of have a plan, but… Read More

Binge read series or read it book by book?

If you interact with me for a while you know that I prefer to binge read series. This way I don’t have to wait for months or even years for next installment. I’m not very good at waiting.

How do you feel about spoilers?

A while ago Milka from Read.Read.Read made a great discussion post The Appeal of Spoilers. She divided people into three categories depending on their attitude towards spoilers: Those who hate spoilers and would kill anyone who spoil something… Read More

Commenting back: Is there such thing as too late?

A while ago I posted a discussion Blog vs. GR. And then real life took hold of me, I went MIA from blogosphere for a whole month. I had a couple of posts scheduled ahead, but that was… Read More

How to blog if you read various genres?

As long as I can remember I’ve read YA, NA and Adult in equal parts. It’s never bothered me, but lately I realize that in some way it influence my blogging life. When you blog for some time,… Read More

Blog vs. GR

Sometimes I feel like I have two lives: my life on GR and my life on the Blog. Let me tell you why.

The reasons I don’t read ARCs

I read a lot of backlist books. There were moments in my blogging life, when I felt like a total weirdo, because everyone read new releases and ARCs. Last week one of my friends asked me why I… Read More

How to make people follow your blog?

I’m sure every blogger at one point of their life ask themself this question. We live in such busy period. Everyone is bombarded with a stream of information, so it’s so easy for a newbie blogger to get… Read More