About Me

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Hi, my name is Ksenia. I live in Moscow, Russia. I’m thirty-something avid reader and book reviewer. Happy wife and mother of two boys. English is not my first language, sorry for my Grammar. I try to make up for it in enthusiasm.

At any given time, I am usually in the process of reading a book and listening to an audiobook. I am a hopeless romantic and I love to read romance in all its forms. Nowadays I read a mix of Adult, NA, and YA contemporary. I also love romantic suspense. Occasionally I read urban fantasy/paranormal romance and dystopian fiction, but I am more of a contemporary girl. Though I always happy to discover interesting books in other genres. I rarely give a book five stars. If I do, it means this book was amazing, and I absolutely loved it.

My other two passions are scrapbooking and pottery. Occasionally I share my craft-projects here.


This little bear is the first thing I’ve made in my pottery class. It’s not perfect by any means, but now I consider him as a talisman.

Thanks for stopping by. I love to chat with fellow book lovers and make new friends, so feel free to contact me.