Life Update

Hi there!

It’s me.

I hope you still remember me. Lol.

Guys, I’m so sorry I’ve gone MIA without any explanations. Back in April I had all intentions to blog regularly, but then I spent two weeks in the hospital with pneumonia. My kids were sick, and my husband had to take two weeks leave from his work. I was released just one day before my exams and I was really really stressed. Blogging was the last thing on my mind. When life was back to somewhat normal I just wanted to relax and have some family time.

I haven’t posted anything on my blog or visited a bookish blog since April. I haven’t been on GR. I haven’t wrote or read a review. It’s been four months of silence. Well I guess I’ve made a personal record.

I managed to read a dozen of books. And I’ve found several favorites. I plan to write reviews and share with you.

I can’t promise I would post regularly. Come September and my real life will be a little bit crazy with my Ph.D. program, my sons’s activities, my pottery classes and life in general. But I’ve missed bookish community so much. I’ve missed you all.

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9 Comments on “Life Update

  1. Gosh Ksenia, what a terrible time you’ve had! Being so ill and having the kids sick as well just before your exams must have been incredibly stressful. I hope you were able to focus and get through it okay. You’ve been missed! Don’t stress about posting, the community isn’t going anywhere and life is so much more important. Really looking forward to seeing what you’ve been reading though ♡♡♡
    Kelly recently posted…Bright We Burn: The Finale To My Most Loved Series

  2. Oh my gosh! Looks like serious stuff got in the way. Really sorry about all of it, and I hope September is easier on you. Personal time is necessary, and nobody is going to ‘just’ forget you during your absence :) and you read books, so it’s not like you abandoned it completely. Thanks for dropping by my blog! I hope you can find some time to blog at least :) every once in a while.
    Evelina recently posted…Oops, I Don’t Like A Famous Book

  3. I hope you’re feeling much better Ksenia! It sounds like a couple of crazy, busy months! But I’m glad that you were able to discover some great reads in that time, I look forward to reading your reviews for them! :)

  4. It’s ok, I noticed your absence but I remembered you saying you had exams and everything going on so I figured it was that. You got pneumonia, though! Glad you’re alright and you’re family are alright. Pneumonia can really knock you about so I hope you’re feeling better now.

    I always think how weird it must be spending so long away from reading and blogging so I hope you can post a bit but you’ve definitely got a lot going on. I hope you can blog a bit though, I’ve missed you around here!

  5. Hi Ksenia! I’m sorry to hear you were so sick! Pneumonia can’t knock you on your butt and wear you out for weeks! I think it takes a long time for your lungs to heal properly, so take it easy!

    I’m happy to hear you’re on the mend and you got to enjoy a lot of books. I’m thrilled you enjoyed The Hidden Legacy series by Ilona Andrews! It’s one of my all-time favorites!

    I’m looking forward to your posts/reviews, but don’t kill yourself. :)

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