My never-ending tbr-list

When it comes to books I’m a selective greedy addict. I have way too many books on my tbr-list and I constantly adding new titles to the pile. I’m a moody reader and I prefer to have a wide range of books for every occasion.

Recently I’ve come across a lot of posts where bloggers confess how guilty they feel about their huge tbr-lists. Right now I have 2818 books on my tbr on GR. Is it possible to read them all? Well, probably yes, if I abandon my family, quit my job, stop eating and sleeping. But you know what? I don’t feel guilty. And you shouldn’t either.

I know some readers have like 10 books on their tbr-shelf and they put there only those titles they are 100 % going to purchase and read. For me tbr-list is not a shelf to plan my book purchases, it’s more like “opportunity box”. The more opportunities I have, the better. The larger my tbr-list, the more opportunities I have.

My way to deal with it is to store up many potentially interesting books in different genres and, when the mood struck, to choose the one I feel like reading at the moment.

This is the reason I have a lot of shelves on GR. I tag books, so it’s easier to find a book for my current mood. I have shelves for my favorite tropes, my favorite narrators, genres and so on. I have “beauty-and –the-beast” and “romance-fake-relationship shelves”. I have “family” and “funny” shelves. I can go on and go on about my shelves.

What is your way to deal with tbr-list? How many books are on your tbr-list?

PS. As some of you know I’m trying to be a more organized blogger. Lol. So I schedule my posts ahead instead of writing and posting them at the last moment. I wrote this post back in March. To my surprise this week I’ve come across a discussion on the same topic from Jessica. I’m excited that we feel and act very similar about our tbr-lists.

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  1. My TBR is pretty huge, although I have tamed it a bit (it’s down to 859 right now), not because I feel guilty but just because I occasionally like to go through and take off books that no longer interest me. I know I’ll still never read all of the books on that crazy long list, but it makes it feel more POSSIBLE to me. Or something. LOL!
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  2. I only count my physical or Kindle books as my TBR list. Anything on GR’s or wishlists are just to keep books on my radar because I forget them if too much time passes.

    I don’t feel guilty about my TBR books but it is my goal to get through about 1/2 of them this year. Only because they’ve been there for so long (years) and I really wanted to read them at the time. New books come and push them back so I just want to revisit and clear them out and make way for new ones 😉 lol

    For What It’s Worth
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  3. I think most bloggers say “TBR” when they mean real books they’ve already bought/received. If you had 2000 books sitting on yor shelf and you weren’t reading them, it would be different 😀
    I’d say I have two types of TBR. The kind which I’ve already got (ARCs, things I bought) and the wishlist TBR – just like you say, used for organizing books on GR. I don’t even think of this as my “TBR”. My TBR are the things I already own and they are waiting for my attention. That’s why book bloggers feel guilty about buying/requesting new books when they already own a lot 😀
    But yeah, I also try to not feel too guilty. Reading is such a mood thing, isn’t it? I can’t just tell myself to read this or that. It’s not work, it’s fun :)
    Evelina recently posted…My Reading April (Book haul #3 & Sunday post #4)

  4. If my list (on Goodreads) gets too long, I start to feel overwhelmed. About twice a year I take books off the list that I know I’ll never read. My list is usually anywhere from 150-200. I try to organize them, but could probably narrow them down even more!

  5. Great topic. I really only have one shelf on Goodreads and that’s my To Be Read shelf. I also have a wish list on Amazon; they tend to have different books listed for whatever reason. I try and keep it reasonable because they ARE books that I eventually want to read at some point. They aren’t books I own though. I know some people think of their TBR as just books they own, but that’s not the case for me when I’m making a list online. I don’t really list out the books I own and need to read.

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  6. See, my goodreads shelf used to be all the books I planned to buy/owned/thought about reading ever and it got really confusing so I began just having the books I own on there or have available to me (it’s still ridiculously huge but it’s not in the 1000s so that’s ok) and I then have a separate shelf for the maybe will be buying eventually.

    I agree that feeling guilty over the TBR shelf is a common thing for bloggers. I feel guilty of my unread owned books more than anything because I want to read them but who knows how I will find time to. I may have to give up sleeping, eating and working, but then I wouldn’t be able to afford new books so it’s a problem.

    I will never stop adding new books to the TBR, though, as I am a huge mood reader so I need all of the options. Also, goodreads helps me keep track of books I’m interested in and even then I still manage to forget about book releases and such. I need more specific category shelves on my goodreads, though, it would really help me narrow down what I feel like reading. I’ll have to try that.

  7. My Goodreads TBR shelf has 567. I think I need to have more shelves like you though to organize them. I feel like since there are so many a lot gets lost in the shuffle!! But overall I agree with your idea of a TBR being a lovely large pile to have at your disposal to help pick your next read or purchase. Great post!
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