Kiss and Tell #3. A Wish Upon Jasmine

Kiss and Tell is a feature about kisses in books. First kisses and good-bye kisses. Gentle kisses and angry kisses. Sensual kisses and awkward kisses. Kisses, that made me swoon, and kisses, that made me lift my eyebrow. Kisses, that made me smile and kisses that made me cry. Get ready, I’ll tell you about all of them.

It’s been ages since I wrote Kiss and Tell post. And today I want to share a beautiful quote with you. I’m a fan of Laura Florand. Her writing is gorgeous and so visceral. Her romances make me swoon.

“Kisses and kisses and kisses, in the dark against her door, with the scent of jasmine sneaking in among those kisses as if the flowers, too, wanted to touch. The night brushing cool silk around them after the heat of the day. Her hair under his fingers, her skin against his lips.”

from ‘A Wish Upon Jasmine’ by Laura Florand

Absolutely delicious, isn’t it? Now I want to reread this book. Have you read it? If not I highly recommend to fix it. You can read Ten reasons I fell in love with A Wish Upon Jasmine by Laura Florand for more gushing and more quotes.

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  1. I’ve seen the name Laura Florand about but I’ve never actually read any of her books. I think I should probably give her a chance. That quote is awesome and I am obviously missing out.

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