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Monthly Recap: February 2017

I love format that Keertana from Ivy Book Bindings choose for her Monthly Rewind posts; I adapted it a little bit for my Monthly Recap.

3 Things About My Life This Month

1. Macmillan Audio contacted me to see if I’d be interested in listening to their audiobooks for review.

This is the first for me. If you don’t know this about me I don’t read ARCs. I’ve wrote a post about my reasons here. As some of you know I’ve considered requesting audiobooks for review a while ago, but in the end I haven’t. Now the publisher contacted me and all I have to do is to say yes. I admit I’m tempted to break my own rule.

2. My son caught pottery bug from me.

As you know (or maybe not) pottery is my hobby. The workshop where I take my classes has a program for kids. I registered my oldest son and he enjoyed his classes a lot. It’s such an amazing feeling when your kid loves something close to your heart. Nothing can compare with this shared excitement.
This is his little mouse.

ceramics mouse

By the way what is the difference between ceramics and pottery? Do these words have the same meaning?

3. February was a month of theatre.

We went to several children’s plays. I especially loved The Bremen Town Musicians. It was an animated musical retelling of tale by the Brothers Grimm. The Bremen Town Musicians are very popular and much-loved in Russia. I loved it as a child and I love it as an adult. My favorite song is Troubadour’s serenade.

My Favorite Books This Month

I loved Never Been Kissed by Molly O’Keefe. 738 Days by Stacey Kade is another book I want to highlight. Despite some issues with the ending I still loved this beautiful romance.

My Favorite Audiobook This Month

The Rosie Project was charming and funny. It’s a delightful chick-lit written by a man.

On my Blog This Month

Discussion. Binge read series or read it book by book?

Feature. Cover Change: Undecided by Julianna Keyes

Actually Julianna Keyes commented on this post and shared some fun facts about the original cover. After reading them I spent ridiculous amount of time staring at the original cover.

3 Posts I want to highlight

1. Nicole at Feed Your Fiction Addiction

A Book Blogger’s Guide to Acronyms, Terms and Slang

2. Angie at Angieville

A Season of Daring Greatly by Ellen Emerson White

3. Becky at A Fool’s Ingenuity

Do Your Reviews Ever Feel Repetitive?

3 Things I’m Looking Forward to Next Month

1. Sunny warm weather.

Spring is finally in Moscow. Well at least on calendar. The weather is still windy and cold. I’m sick of winter and I can’t wait to say good-bye to snow and cold.

2. Schedule on blog.

When it comes to blogging I’m “post at the last minute” kind of blogger. I want to try schedule my posts. So far all my attempts to schedule ended up in million unfinished drafts. I want to try more organized approach. March will be more challenging for me and I hope this way I’ll free some time to visit blogs and answer comments on my blog. Last couple of months I’ve been neglecting comments on my posts and I don’t like it.

3. My mom asked me to make a vase for her.

She wants this really big and tall vase, so she can put long-stemmed roses there. So far I haven’t done such big pottery projects. It will be challenging, but I’m excited to try.

That was my February.

5 Comments on “Monthly Recap: February 2017

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    Danya @ Fine Print

    Whoa, that’s awesome Ksenia! I’ve never been contacted by any audio distributors – they seem a bit more choosy than print distributors, so that’s a pretty big deal. Congrats! Your son’s little mouse figurine is absolutely adorable too; it’s so awesome that you two can share a hobby now!

    Definitely going to need to get my hands on a copy of Never Been Kissed by Molly O’Keefe, it looks awesome. Seems like you had a great February!

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    Becky @ A Fool's Ingenuity

    First of all if you want to agree to reviewing audiobooks on your blog go for it. If you find you aren’t enjoying it you can always go back to the publisher and say it’s not working out for you. I like to never rule things out too soon just because I’ve previously made a decision on something.

    Second of all I didn’t know you enjoyed making pottery! That is so cool that now your eldest son is enjoying it too. That mouse is adorable, especially as it isn’t trying to look exactly like a mouse but instead a cute almost cartoonish version of one. He has talent! I’ve googled as well and I don’t actually think there is a difference between ceramics and pottery, don’t take my work on it though as I am no expert.

    How cool is it Julianna Keyes commented on you post? That is completely awesome, I went and read her comments and suddenly I really like the first cover and want to bring it back.

    Anyway, have a good March, if it’s as interesting as last month it should be good.

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    I love that mouse! So adorable!!!

    Karen @For What It’s Worth

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    Sounds like an awesome month for you, Ksenia! Congrats on being approached about the audiobooks. I know that whatever you decide will be the right decision for you.

    I hope March is good to you and that you read all of the books!

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    Joy // Joyousreads

    That’s awesome! It is so wonderful to share the same passion with someone you love. At least you have that in common and you can do stuff together! Congratulations on the scoring the Macmillan reviewer program! That’s a tough publisher to get into, so yay for you!!!

    Have a wonderful March. 😀

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