Cover Talk #3. Cover Change: Undecided by Julianna Keyes

Cover Talk is a feature, where I talk about covers. Beautiful covers and ugly covers. Covers that I love and covers that I hate. Covers that lured me to read a story and covers that were a reason I passed a book. This feature was inspired by Cover Fever at Reader’s Den

Have you read Undecided by Julianna Keyes? If not, please, do me a favor. Stop for a moment and look at these two covers below. What are your first impressions? What do you think this story is about based on Cover #1? What about Cover#2? Would you pick it up and what would be your expectations? For me and those who’ve already read this book, it’s impossible to be completely unbiased, so I’m very curious.

Those who haven’t read this book yet – you definitely should. You can read my 5 Stars review here.

My thoughts about these covers

Cover #1 (original)
Its greatest fault is love-triangle vibe. The cover screams “love-triangle”. And there was not actually one here. I admit that it was the reason I hadn’t picked up this book at first. I know for sure that I wasn’t the only one to dismiss this book on sight based on the cover. But this cover is classy and it’s catching. If these two covers stood on a shelf side by side this one would be the one I single out and pick up.
I really hope that the author would work with the designer who made the old cover in the future.
Cover #2 (new version)
In my opinion this is an unremarkable cover that gives the impression of yet another sex-filled NA book, which is misleading, because Undecided is so much more. It makes me sad, because those readers who can appreciate this story would pass it on a shelf where this book would get lost among other NA titles featuring half-naked couples on their covers.

On the side note I’ve noticed that the first version of the cover was completely removed from this book GR page. I personally think that it confuses readers. I would prefer it to be left as a previous addition. On several occasions people didn’t get at first that it was just a cover change. Probably it was the author’s purpose to leave behind the old cover with all its issues. But I can say that it’s very annoying when you spend your time reading a blurb or review only to realize that it was the same old story. This tactic could work if readers made a decision to pick up a book based only on the cover, which totally can happened in rare cases, but most of readers read reviews or at least the blurb before purchasing the book.

So what do you think about this cover change?

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12 Comments on “Cover Talk #3. Cover Change: Undecided by Julianna Keyes

  1. I haven’t read it yet but it’s on my must read list thanks to your glowing review Ksenia, so I know what the book is about. Based on the original cover, I would have honestly thought it was a YA release with a love triangle. It’s very prim and proper and I wouldn’t have guessed sexy NA whatsoever. I’m one of those readers that loathes cover changes unless the original cover is terrible, or doesn’t relate to the book at all. I do actually like the original cover but probably not for this particular book. If she ever decided to write YA, a few tweeks and it would be perfect.

  2. I’ve already complained lost about this new cover. On my blog and on yours :)

    I despise the new covers. I never would have read the first book if it had this cover. And yes, the first one seems very love triangle-y but if you listen to any one of the great reviews you will find out right away that this book isn’t a love triangle and then the cover will make more sense. And most of us now read books because of reviews, not covers.

    And despite the fact that most readers hate love triangles, people still read them. Look at all the SJM books everyone seems to love.

    I’ve already said this but it annoys me that this amazing NA book that actually wasn’t just sex, took a decent cover and…sexed it up. Makes me think she wants to appeal to that audience that just wants the erotica books pretending to be NA, which worries me about future books…

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  3. Even though it’s been a while since I changed the cover, I’m still interested in hearing people’s thoughts on the original vs. the new. FWIW (and I think I’ve said this so much that people just roll their eyes when I repeat it), I *love* the first cover and I really wish it had gotten better reception. BUT…I agree with all the comments. It’s beautiful, original, distinctive…and totally looks like a love triangle. What I didn’t realize before I published was how off-put people would be by the love triangle impression. That was a big mistake I heard about NON-STOP after the book came out. I did try to change the original cover design to keep that “feel” but lose the love triangle vibe, but it just wasn’t working. A guy and a girl on a couch…unremarkable. A girl with that body language on a red couch looked like a horror story. A girl alone on a white couch looked like a story about abortion.

    I wish I had unlimited funds to commission lots of covers and test them out, but I’m not in that position, so after some urging from none other than the very kind Kristen Callihan (yep, for realz!), I got serious about a cover change and combed through a million stock photos until I found something I could live with. And I agree with the response to the new cover too: it’s more generic and less “special,” but no one’s mistaking it for a love triangle, and I was pretty desperate to stop hearing that particular and voluminous complaint. So that’s the story. 😉

    And for anyone who’s curious, it’s the same designer for both covers. (He’s a friend of mine.) He doesn’t conceive of the designs, just executes them beautifully, and the original cover is a photo he took specifically for the book. It’s his girlfriend and him (both guys) and they were wonderful models. :)

  4. DARN! I hate it when that happens. Then when it turns out worse than the first one, you feel guilty because you think you read something horrible because of the cover! I TOTALLY AGREE! Good post! Have an AMAZING DAY!

  5. I absolutely loved this book too Ksenia and I have to agree that I much prefer the original cover and if I saw this book in a bookstore, I would definitely be gravitating towards it. Whereas I think the new cover doesn’t really convey what the book is about. Thanks for sharing this great post with us! :)

  6. Completely agree with you on the first cover Ksenia, it screams “love triangle” to me. That said, I’d probably pick that one up before the second one, which just looks like any generic NA/romance cover. I wonder if the first version of the cover was removed from GR because it looks so similar to other covers? Pretty sure that the photo of the woman between the two dudes is a stock photo.
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