Top Ten Tuesday: Fake-Relationship Romances

Despite being a blogger for several years I’ve never participated in Top Ten Tuesday. It’s a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. It wasn’t a conscious decision on my side. During my first blogging year hilariously I had no idea that there was a list of upcoming Top Ten Tuesdays. So I just didn’t have enough time to write a post. Oh, awkwardness of being a total newbie. Later I guess it was a habit of not participating.

When I realized they choose All About Romance freebie for Valentine’s Day, I just couldn’t pass. If you follow me for a while you know that I read a lot of Romances. One of my favorite tropes is fake-relationship.

Do you know any fake-relationship books I should add to my list? Hit me with your recs!

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7 Comments on “Top Ten Tuesday: Fake-Relationship Romances

  1. BAHAHA KSENIA I WILL DEFINITELY BE USING THIS POST FOR RECS! Seriously, fake relationships are my number one trope. Like they can be so cheesy and lame but for some reason I CAN’T STOP LOVING THEM. -ahem- With that said, recently I really liked The Wage by Rachel Van Dyken where the guy has to get his secretary to be his fake fiance and ends up falling in love with her. Sigh, I love it when mean guys learn a lesson when they fall in love.

    Awesome post!

  2. Look, fake relationships are my bread and butter when it comes to romance. I love them completely and I have no shame about it so the fact I’ve not read a couple of books on this list makes me want to go out and read them immediately because that’s totally not acceptable. Now I’ve said I love the fake relationship trope I am sat here wondering which other books I can think of with that trope and I’m drawing a blank. One of my favourite cute YAs is probably Kasie West’s The Fill In Boyfriend, but honestly Act Like It and You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me are probably my favourites.

  3. Three cheers for Act Like It! Such an awesome romance, easily the best one I’ve read in months. I’ve got Pretty Face all queued up on my ereader, so hopefully I can get to it soon. My favourite romance trope is probably hate to love…it just guarantees such great banter between the characters!
    Danya @ Fine Print recently posted…Review: The Turn by Kim Harrison

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