Ksenia’s Favorite books of 2016

It’s a little bit late for this post, but I want to highlight my favorite books, and since I was on hiatus I post it now. I’ve read 50 books in 2016. It seems like a small number, especially comparing to several of my blogger friends (who I think have some fast-reading superpower), but I’m a slow reader and last year was especially challenging. Between applications, studies, exams, starting my Ph.D. program in September and my son starting school at the same time I didn’t have much time to read and blog. I’m surprised I’ve managed to complete my GR-challenge.

I read a lot of backlist books, so most of these books weren’t released in 2016. All books except Uprooted by Naomi Novik are contemporaries. I’m not ashamed to say that I’m a contemporary girl.

Have you read these books? Some of them were released several years ago; I’m probably the last person in blogosphere to read them.

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4 Comments on “Ksenia’s Favorite books of 2016

  1. Never too late for a favourites post, I don’t care how far into the year we get. And don’t even try and feel bad for the number of books you read, any reading is good and it’s not like you haven’t been busy!

    Now, onto your faves, you have some of my faves on here which I seriously need to reread. I loved Uprooted, it was a great standalone fantasy and I don’t know why I’ve not read more of Novik’s books! And Such A Rush! I am a massive fan of Jennifer Echols so thrilled tos ee a book from her on here and a good one too. I bought a physical a little while ago and for some reason I’ve not reread it. That may be my plan for tomorrow. I have raved about Act Like It to everyone I know, are you planning on reading Pretty Face? I can strongly recommend buying when it’s out. Lucy Parker is not a one hit wonder.

  2. Never! It’s never too late, hun. :)

    I’ve had Such A Rush on my TBR forever so I’m glad to see it on your faves. You’ve just given me enough incentive to finally read it!

  3. Hey you! Awesome list of books you got here. I have read and loved 5 of the books listed. I loved the Echols, the Bowen, the Parker, the Young and the Keyes. All fabulous books!

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