Review: Such a Rush by Jennifer Echols. Chemistry off the charts

Title: Such a Rush
Author: Jennifer Echols
My rating: 5 of 5 Stars


It looks like Jennifer Echols’ YA romantic dramas work best for me. I loved her Love Story; her Going Too Far is one of my all-time favorites; and Such a Rush was no exception. So good.

As long as she can remember Leah Jones moved with her mother from one trailer park to another. Living in a trailer means living near an airport. While her mother keeps a string of loser boyfriends and wastes all their money, Leah is trying to be an adult. At fourteen she gets a job at an airport. She longs to fly, so she saves money and asks Mr.Hall, owner of banner advertising business, to give her flight lessons. At eighteen, Mr.Hall offers her a job as a pilot. It looks like her dream finally comes true. Suddenly Mr.Hall dies and his business pass on his teenage sons Alec and Grayson. For years Leah had a crush on Grayson, but Mr. Hall’s sons wanted nothing with her, so she just watched them from afar. To her surprise Alec and Grayson want to keep the banner business running. Now Grayson blackmails her to date his brother and fly for their company. Battling her feelings for Grayson, Leah tries to navigate this new reality.

I loved the romance in Such a Rush. There’s an amazing build-up, the chemistry was off the charts. And this book is so sexy. Jennifer Echols writes sensual passionate scenes which is rare in YA genre. While this book stays within YA area, it’s more suited for the older part of the YA audience. I respect that the author doesn’t shy away from teenage sex. And she raised several important topics here.

I love Jennifer Echols’ heroines. She perfected this “bad girl type”. She writes troubled strong-minded heroines with tough attitude. Leah is a wonderful protagonist.

For Leah flying is freedom, she sees flying as a way to escape her real life. I was fascinated by this theme. Both Leah and Grayson are very passionate about flying.

I enjoyed watching sibling dynamic between Alec and Grayson and Leah’s friendship with Molly, both of which were put on test through the book.

I put Such a Rush on my favorite shelf. I highly recommend it to those who are looking for a solid book with great romance, strong and passionate characters, as well as family, friendship and dreams come true.

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9 Comments on “Review: Such a Rush by Jennifer Echols. Chemistry off the charts

  1. This one has been on my list for a very long time. I haven’t ready many but this author but I hear she is just wonderful. I love books with a great build up for the romance and with great sibling interaction. Too many times I feel books are missing the family aspect and I love to read about the family. Great review.

  2. I love this review, I’m glad you liked the book. I first read this book a couple of years ago now and fully understood why I had seen such rave reviews on other blogs. Jennifer Echols is just skilled at writing characters I am interested in and care about. I had actually disregarded this book by Echols previously and I’m glad I got to it eventually.

  3. ooh this sounds amazing! And I hadn’t even heard of it before but I’m always looking for books with amazingly written characters. I shall dash off to goodreads directly and look this up further. 😀

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