Review: Unhinge (Fairfax #2) by Calia Read

Title: Unhinge (Fairfax #2)
Author: Calia Read
My rating: 3 of 5 Stars


Victoria can’t recall much of her life before she came to Fairfax Hospital, but she prefers it that way. She holds her beautiful baby daughter, Evelyn, every day and that’s enough…isn’t it? But when Evelyn is taken from her, Victoria’s world begins to fray at the seams. It becomes apparent to her that the hospital walls aren’t the only obstacles standing between her and the outside world—Victoria has constructed a hall of mirrors deep inside, every false image a distraction from the trauma of her past life. A white picket fence, a family on the way…yet something feels amiss in her memories of a happy marriage. When a handsome stranger begins visiting Victoria, pressing her to remember her past, she struggles to separate real memories from refracted images she has created, knowing at last that only the truth can set her free.


Calia Read is a devil. For the second time she wrote a total mindf*ck. When I finished this book I had an urge to immediately go back and read it from the start again. You think you figured everything out? It’s not what you expected at all.

Mystery was a strongest aspect of this book, but I think it also was its downfall. It was as if the author concentrated on the mystery so much, that she forgot about the story itself. The plot became so unbelievable by the end. It may sound too harsh but in my opinion the ending was one big distasteful mess. You know these awful TV shows where they show car wrecks? The ending had the same trash quality.

When I closed the book I was a bundle of emotions, and not good ones. Shock, anger, sadness, but most of all disgust and feeling of betrayal. I felt like the author cheated me of good story. I felt manipulated. And I hate being manipulated. Also


I loved the first book Unravel. It was a great psychological mystery, but most important it had a heart. I felt like the author took away the heart of the story in Unhinge and put in that place all shocking stuff. Both books deal with serious topics, but at the end of Unravel I was positively charged. Characters’ journey was not an easy one, but it was worth my time and emotions. With Unhinge – not so much.

I waited for so long for the release of this book and in the end I was disappointed. I still give this book 3 Stars because I was glued to the pages. If you want a mystery, where you would be guessing and second guessing only to be wrong in the end, then pick up this book. If you want to be shocked, pick up this book. But I recommend you to read the first book in this series, it’s so much better.

PS. Despite my harsh review, I’m interested in the next book in this series. I just hope I won’t have to wait another two years for it.

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8 Comments on “Review: Unhinge (Fairfax #2) by Calia Read

    • Calia Read definitely knows how to play games with reader’s mind. But in the end I felt angry and shocked…

    • I recommend starting with the first book in this series Unravel, it’s more realistic in my opinion. Both books can be read as standalones, they only linked by the setting in the same hospital, but there are some similarities, which distract and mislead the reader. I was like “oh, I’ve already figured everything out”, only to be completely wrong later. Thanks for stopping by, Nereyda.

  1. Oh you have me super curious about this book now Ksnenia! I do love books which mess with your head and totally leave you reeling, I’m sorry that you didn’t enjoy this one as much as you’d hoped though, but at least this book hasn’t put you off from trying the rest of the series! Great review! :)

    • Thank you, Jasprit! If you like this kind of books I definitely recommend you this series and I think it’s better to start with the first book Unravel. I hope you would enjoy it if you pick it up.

  2. I’m glad you’re able to enjoy the mystery even though it wasn’t as good as you’d hoped. I hope you’ll enjoy the next one more (should there be one).

    Happy reading!

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