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It’s been very quiet here. It’s hard to believe but I haven’t posted anything since May. I’m a little bit rusty, sorry for my English.

So where have I been? I’ve been very busy in real life. I admit that I had time to post from time to time, but I didn’t. Why? It’s just that (like a true addict) I prefer to be completely immersed in the blogosphere: post my reviews and discussions, visit different blogs, chat with my bookish friends on GR. These last several months I only had time for a rare comment here and there and a post once a month, so I decided to make a full disappearing act.

I believe I’ve mentioned my medical background. I’m a radiologist. This year I’ve made an important professional decision. I’m going to begin my Ph.D. program in a couple of weeks and I’m excited about it. June and July was a whirlwind of applications, studies and exams. I’m so happy my husband supports my plans. I admit I had my doubts, because of financial aspect and family-time that I undoubtedly would have to sacrifice, not to mention my hobbies such as reading, blogging and my pottery class.

In August I spent three wonderful weeks with my family in the countryside. We all needed that break.

Also my oldest son went to school two weeks ago for the first time. I worried about it more than he. Lol. Their good-bye celebration in the kindergarten was such a bittersweet experience for me. My little boy all grown up.

I won’t be able to post and comment as frequently as I used to, but I hope to manage. I have so much on my plate right now, sometimes I feel like I’m trying to hold too much in my palm and that I would eventually drop something.


During my hiatus I missed all of you so much. I’m happy to finally be back. It probably would take me a while to catch up, but you’ll see my comments on your blogs soon. Can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to. All new releases that I’ve missed. I’m dying to read your reviews.

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6 Comments on “Life update

  1. That’s amazing, Ksenia! I’m sure you’ll do well in your recent choice. It’s great to have such a fantastic support like your family, so you’re blessed.

    Don’t worry about us. Blogging and Reading are hobbies, after all. :)

    • Thanks for stopping by, Joy. If not for my family support it would be hard to have so much on my plate right now. They help me a lot.

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