Commenting back: Is there such thing as too late?

A while ago I posted a discussion Blog vs. GR. And then real life took hold of me, I went MIA from blogosphere for a whole month. I had a couple of posts scheduled ahead, but that was all. I didn’t post anything on my blog, I didn’t visit other blogs, and I didn’t answer comments on my blog. When I finally returned to blogging there was so much to catch up. So I went to my friends’ blogs, I posted my stuff, but I never answered comments on Blog vs. GR post. It was almost six weeks after I initially posted it; I thought it was too late to answer these comments.

But then I’ve read several discussions about commenting, which made me think about my blogging habits. In the end I went and answered all comments on this post. Two months after it was posted. I guess better later than never. And I feel good about it.

How long does it usually take you to answer comments on your blog? What was the longest you take to answer? How do you feel when blogger answers your comment several weeks later? Should we answer comments after a long break or should we just make a clean start?

There were a lot of discussions about commenting lately. Here some links:

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36 Comments on “Commenting back: Is there such thing as too late?

  1. First, thanks so much for linking to my post!

    Second, as you can see by me commenting on YOUR post two weeks after the fact, I think it’s fine 😉 But do you have to? Nah. I mean, after a LOT of thinking about this topic, I have come to some conclusions, at least for myself. If I am very, very behind, and have unanswered comments from weeks ago, I will probably cut my losses. Because otherwise, I will be perpetually however many weeks behind. I try VERY hard to answer them all, but I simply can’t always do it.

    So that brought me to my second conclusion, which is that as long as you’re trying to be polite and interactive in general, it’s fine. We’re all going to miss some comments here and there (except Cait but she has clones, don’t let her trick you! There are like, seven of her. 😉 ) so why drive ourselves nuts over it? Especially if you’ve had life stuff going on. I’d rather have a blogger take care of themselves and have some sanity than respond to my comment, you know? I mean, NEVER answering or responding to anything is rude. But if you’re putting the effort out there, I think you’re good!

    • Hi, Shannon! Well, now we are even, since I’m answering your comment two weeks later too. Lol.

      I agree sometimes it’s better to make a clean start, especially if you have unanswered comments from weeks ago and stress about it a lot. And I totally agree with you that your general attitude in blogging is what matters. If you comment consistently, no one would blame you when you miss a comment or two. So yes to “putting the effort out there”.

    • Hi, Katie! As I’m answering your comment almost three weeks later, “better late than never” is definitely my motto. Lol. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I think it all depends on the volume of comments and whether or not you have the time really. I must admit, I’ve slacked off a lot lately, but when I visit blogs such as yours, I like to catch up with all their recent reviews and discussions at once. I comment on quite a few blogs that don’t interact but I think it’s all about appreciating what other bloggers are putting out there. I imagine so many like me read a wide variety of blogs and don’t comment, which is often the case on my phone or Kindle. I don’t think there’s any right or wrong way to comment, but just enjoy the interaction and find some new reads along the way <3
    Kelly recently posted…Lady Midnight Discussion

    • Kelly, you always write such thoughtful and kind comments. Thanks so much for stopping by.

      It’s such a pain to comment from the phone. I usually mark interesting posts for later (when I’m on my computer and can write proper comments). But it can take some time; and sometimes posts get lost and I never comment on them. Like you when I visit blogs I like to catch up with all recent posts at once.

  3. I try to reply on the comment on my blog within a week. But sometimes real life gets in the way, so I reply/comment back much later but I always do. I guess I like saying “better late than never” :)

    • I came with another saying: never too late. I used not to reply comments on my blog, because I felt like I was answering too late. But lately I reconsidered my commenting habits and I try to answer all comments, even if a couple of weeks later.

  4. I honestly think it just depends on what YOU want. 😀 I don’t think there should be hard-and-fast rules about commenting. That kinda takes the fun out of it and makes it almost a job/chore, right? I took a 10-day hiatus spontaneously and wooooah my comments piled up. *hides* I DID answer them all, but that’s because I wanted to. I would’ve been totally okay if another blogger took a hiatus and then just started from scratch with the answering. I don’t think we should stress ourselves out, heh.
    Cait @ Paper Fury recently posted…Lady Midnight // That Review That’s Stuffed With Rabid Shadowhunter Feels

    • You are a comment queen, Cait. Seriously! You manage to answer comments on you blog as well as visit their blogs and leave your lovely comments. And I agree many bloggers (myself included) tend to stress about comments and forget that blogging is their hobby which supposed to be fun.

  5. I sometimes struggle with this. I try to respond within a week. But there have been times I have missed a comment and found it super late and kind of just let it go. I guess maybe I should have replied. Great post!

    • I try to answer quickly too. If I find a comment super late, I answer it anyway. My motto is better late than never. I guess it also depends if a blogger has email notifications going out to people. If not, the chances of this late answer being lost are high.

    • Well, all need a break from time to time, blogging is a hobby for most of us after all. Thanks for stopping by, Brandi!

  6. I think commenting and commenting back is one of those things where it’s more the thought that counts. I’d rather have someone respond to my comment a few weeks late than not get a response at all, you know? Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous discussion! ♥

    • I think I would like to get a response to my comment a few weeks late than never get one, too. It just that all of us bombarded with so much information daily that when I comment back a couple of weeks later I’m not sure that the person is still interested in my reply. Thanks for stopping by, Zoe!

  7. Lovely discussion topic, Ksenia! I’ve been so behind on blog commenting for the last couple of months. I was really good at it when I first started my blog, but I’ve gotten really lazy when it comes to replying and commenting back because it takes up so much time. I try to reply to every single comment regardless of how late I am but there are some comments that just get lost and I never end up seeing them. I try to reply within a couple of days of receiving the comment but sometimes (especially with TTT posts), I don’t reply for 2 weeks. It’s so bad T_T

    • I agree commenting back and visiting blogs can be very time consuming, but it also so much fun. I like to see what other bloggers are up to. Sometime I have comments that just get lost too; but I think that if you usually answer comments and miss one comment from time to time, it’s ok. Thanks for stopping by, Jenna!

  8. I feel awkward replying to comments after two weeks or so – mainly because I don’t know if they will ever look back at it? I don’t have email notifications going out to people I’m replying to on my blog. I try to be consistent if it’s a discussion post – and I definitely make an effort to visit back on their blogs :) Great discussion points!
    aentee @ read at midnight recently posted…Book Review: Fellside

    • You definitely need to think about some notification system on your blog, Aentee. We usually follow many blogs and it’s hard to keep up, so there is chance that you answer can get lost. When I read your comment I realized that I totally forgot to check out your latest posts and your answers.

  9. I’m new to the blogging scene, so I try to comment back quickly to everybody who ever leaves a comment on my posts? But I understand that sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with comments, especially if you’ve been blogging for a while and get a lot of comments on every post. I still think it’s important to reply back, even if it takes you a while, even if it’s just a simple ‘Thank you for commenting’, because I find that, as a reader, it makes you feel appreciated, and makes you want to comment more.

    • Yes, “it makes you feel appreciated, and makes you want to comment more”. I agree with you wholeheartedly. It’s very discouraging when a blogger never answer your comments. Also commenting back is a great way to start a discussion and make connection with your followers. Thanks for you comment, Ara!

  10. First, can I just say how happy I am that you finally joined Bloglovin’? I have a hard time finding you before! So, yay!!! Now I can read your posts regularly because you’ve been such a nice, kind and loyal follower. Really, truly glad you’re here, Ksenia.

    Anyway, I don’t have a time limit of commenting and replying back to comments. Do whatever makes you feel good is my motto. 😀

    • Thanks so much, Joy! It’s such a pleasure to see you commenting on my blog. It looks like I accidentally switched off RSS on my blog, that’s why there weren’t any updates on Bloglovin’. And I love your motto.

    • Thank you, Eva! I need to remind this myself more often. I tend to stress if I can’t reply in time.

    • I do my best to answer quickly, though usually it takes me a while. I think it’s more “I feel guilty that I didn’t reply” than people actually complaining.

  11. First, we all have days we cannot reply, visit and comment. I take days off so that I do not burn out. I tried going back but quickly realized I was behind the eightball and feeling stressed. I am a consistent enough commenter that peeps know I am off and I know when they take days off. I am usually running a day behind on comments since the Sunday Post requires almost 2 days to reply, visit and comment. I think if you consistently blog it is find to take time off and not feel like you have to play catch up. I do know some bloggers are seriously pressed for time and it takes them a week or two to comment. Usually I will see a flood of replies and visits from them.

    • Totally agree all of us need breaks. I can understand that for bloggers who have a lot of comments it can be really time-consuming to answer all of them. So probably the best way not to stress is to make a clean start after hiatus. I think followers would be ok with it. I’m one of those bloggers with a flood of replies and visits. From time to time I MIA from blogosphere because of real life, but when I return I visit blogs and mass comment.

  12. I don’t think there is a time period to be honest but I know that feeling of thinking there is. I think the longest I have is just a few days from being on vacation, even when on vacation it seems I have a hard time not responding to comments LOL! But truly, I think as long as you are regularly making the effort, that is all that counts, even if it isn’t ever post. 😉

    • I think bloggers put a lot of pressure on themselves. It’s hard not to feel guilty when you don’t comment back. I totally agree that making the effort is what counts.

  13. What a cool discussion topic! I’m not sure if there’s a time limit but I do feel it’s important to interact with those who comment. I try to get to comments as regularly as possible but have noticed that I neglect going back to older posts (I’ve got to fix that).

    Personally, if I go to comment on someone’s page and I notice they NEVER seem to comment back to people who visit their page, it turns me away. I just figure they must not want to talk so I don’t say anything lol

    I use the blogspot comment box and can’t for the life of me figure out if people get notified when I do reply back to them, but I still do it just in case lol

    I think it’s great that you still go back. Shows community and class :)

    • Thank you, Jenn! I agree that it’s discouraging when you regularly comment on blog and they never comment back. I try to do my best.

      As for the notification, you can log out and leave a comment on your blog. Then log in and answer it. Then you can check out if you get a notification. Or you can use browse in incognito mode and leave a comment. I hope this helps.

  14. I’ve been blogging really sporadically now Ksenia, so I don’t really get to comment as much as I’d like to, I’ve always wanted to comment on comments left on my blog, I think I shall definitely be making this is priority!

    • I know you have a busy schedule, Jasprit; thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. It means a lot. I’ve noticed that you began to answer comments on The Readers Den. It can be time consuming, but I think it makes your followers feel more appreciated. It’s also a great way to start conversation.

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