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Sometimes I feel like I have two lives: my life on GR and my life on the Blog. Let me tell you why.

My GR life


I’m active on GR. I have a lot of friends there with whom I really interact. A lot of them are non-bloggers. I have friends with very similar taste in books. I have like-minded friends who are close to my age and have similar life experience. And I just love to chat with them about books and about life. My interactions on GR always feel very genuine and warm. As for my blog sometimes I have a feeling that people comment on my posts as a thank you for visiting their blogs; or that fellow bloggers comment and expect that I would comment in return. I don’t like this feeling, because I prefer people comment because they are genuinely interested in me and my content, not as a part of their blog-promotion.

Track of my books

I have a lot of books on my tbr-list. Lately I see a lot of bloggers beating themselves because of their huge tbr-shelfs. I think that no way a reader should feel guilty because of this. I want to have options, because I’m a mood reader. But with more than 2000 books on my tbr-list I definitely need a way to organize it. And GR let me keep track of my books. I have a lot of shelves. I have it all sorted.

New or old books to read

When dealing with a new to me book I go on GR, so I can decide if this book is for me. I used to add a lot of books to my tbr-list, nowadays I’m picky. I usually read several reviews before making my decision; and I prefer thorough and informative reviews. On GR you can open a book-page, and all reviews would be in one place. I love this.

My Blog life


In my GR life books are primary. Books are that link that connects me with people (at least at first). I find reviewers with similar tastes in books; I read their reviews and chat with them about books. With some of them I feel connection, and our relationship expand beyond bookish talks; with others we continue only discus books, and it’s ok.

With bookish blogs it’s not always about books. I’m usually drawn to blogs with personality. Blog is a reflection of his owner. When I visit a friend’s blog it’s like I visit their home. I love personal blogs where blogger shares his life experience through books or book-related topics. A lot of my blogger-friends have different taste in books.


Blog gives you the opportunity to make any feature you want. There are so many creative bloggers in bookish community, and I love how each blog has something unique.


I love discussions. I’m happy that many bloggers post discussions. It’s a great way to interact, and it’s very interesting to see different opinions.

I just realized that while GR life and Blog life maybe very different in the end both are about making friends and about our wonderful book community.

So tell me about you. Do you have your blog? Are you active on GR? Do you feel like your interactions on these platforms are different?

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24 Comments on “Blog vs. GR

  1. I totally know what you mean by the commenting thing and I feel the same way, though, the truth is, if I don’t feel like going to/reading someone’s blog then I don’t bother to comment either, so maybe that’s a bit more encouraging that other people are genuine too? 😛 I sometimes forget commenting on certain blogs nowadays though because I’m so estranged from the community and I don’t keep up with a lot of people’s blogs, but when they comment on my blog — I always comment back because: a. if it’s a person I know — chances are that I love their blog as well; b. if it’s a new person — I totally want to see what their blog looks like and see what they think of topics and books etc :) So I feel like there may be not so genuine people in the community but most people are interested in at least reading a blog and if they have time then commenting too :) YESSS!!! Even if GR is slightly problematic at times the good thing is shelving and seeing all the reviews at once. I will never get tired of that 😉 MHMH!!!! I love the features and discussions (though I’m not so good at them myself lol) and I totes agree about the personality = home of sorts thing :) I’m not as active on Goodreads right now as far as presence goes, but I do update there a lot more with reviews than blog :) Only a selected few get acknowledged on my blog 😛
    Siiri recently posted…Halsey Book Tag

    • I agree with you points about commenting back, Siiri. If a new to me person leaves comment on my blog I always check out their blog. I love to find likeminded bloggers. And if I’m being honest I like when bloggers comment back on my blog. So I guess commenting back is not a bad thing, it just I don’t like “comment for comment” approach. I value genuine comments. And yes, personality is such an important aspect.

    • I can’t imagine deleting my GR account. Even thinking about it gives me a nervous eye twitch.

  2. I live both blogging and Goodreads but for completely different reasons actually. I’ve got a few friends on Goodreads, but feel like Goodreads is.something just for me. I do interact with other readers and really enjoy it of course, but it feels so limited though. It’s brilliant for keeping track of your books but blogging is how I like to communicate mainly.

    I must admit that sometimes it can feel like some comments are just a promotional tool for some. Like, great post here’s my link. It’s incredibly rude in my world. Bloggers work incredibly hard on their content and the least you can do is read and interact. Anyone who leaves a comment like that, show them the door Ksenia, you’re fabulous and they don’t deserve to experience the awesomeness that is uniquely you <3
    Kelly recently posted…REEEEEEEEEEEEEAD IT! Otherwise known as Summer Skin

    • A lot of people don’t have blogs, but they post their reviews on GR and discuss books there. So I mostly interact with them on GR, while I communicate with my blogger friends on their blogs. As for comments you are such an example of how to comment back, Kelly. Your comments are always so thoughtful and it’s obvious that you take your time to write them.

    • You know I never participate in any GR groups, I’ve only member of one buddy read group, mostly to keep truck what my friends are currently reading. Blog is a reflection of its owner; this is why we have so much different blogs. Given the same topic different bloggers would come up with absolutely different features. And I love it!

  3. This is a pretty interesting comparison!! I love goodreads. I use it all. the. time. I review EVERY book I read there, whereas on my blog I review like once a week (and usually only review-copies from publishers? Whereas goodreads gets any book I’ve picked up.) But I feel like I don’t interact on Goodreads a lot??? Like I have tons of really nice people who support and comment on my reviews and things, but I don’t feel like I give back very well on there. Whereas on my blog, it’s like my #1 priority to “give back” and if someone visits my blog, I definitely visit there’s to say thank you and join their discussions. I don’t really see it as part of a promotion of my blog? I will apologise if I’ve come across that way though! :(
    Cait @ Paper Fury recently posted…Why You Should Be Reading The Mortal Instruments (Plus Series #Giveaway!)

    • Oh, Cait, I didn’t mean to upset you. Sorry if I did. Your comments are always very genuine and they make me smile and lift my mood. Also why don’t you post all your reviews on your blog? I read your reviews on GR and love them, so I was curious about it for a while.

    • GR is the first place I look when I’m researching a book too, Rachel. This is why I like when bloggers leave links to GR book-pages in their reivews.

  4. Ah! I finally found you! I’ve been meaning to ask you how I could keep track of you since you’re such a regular visitor on my blog and I feel bad for not reciprocating. I’m so glad you’re now on Bloglovin’! I followed you right away. 😀

    I must admit that I’m not the most active participant on Goodreads. Sometimes, I forget to cross-post my reviews on there. I think I do more on my blog and Instagram, to be honest.

    • I’ve been following blogs via feedly, but I made a bloglovin’ account since it’s the way most of my friends keep truck with everything. I usually post my reviews on GR before posting them on my blog, sometimes I do both at the same time.

  5. I think that you hit the nail on the head. My friends and interactions on GR have different feel than what I experience on my blog or other blogs. While I tend to interact with like-minded people with similar reading tastes on Goodreads, my favorite bloggers usualy do not have the same reading preferences than I do but I love reading their posts and discussions. GR and blogosphere are two different worlds but I love them both equally :)

    • I feel the same way, Lucia. Most of my GR friends have similar reading tastes, while a lot of bloggers I follow have very different taste in books. I think one of the reasons is that with GR we limited by reviews and with Blog we can post features and discussions.

  6. I kind of suck at Goodreads. I’m fanatic about using it to track what I’m reading and shelve what I want to read, and of course looking things up, but I hardly ever post reviews there or interact much with the community.

    I’m much more comfortable with blogging, and enjoy it more.
    The Bibliophile Babe recently posted…Cover Lust, No. 13

    • I can’t imagine my live without interacting with readers on GR, Amanda. So many people don’t have blogs, but active on GR. And GR is the place for organizing books for me too.

  7. I utterly fail at Goodreads! I used to be pretty good about posting my reviews there, but I never participated much in the various groups. Now I don’t even post my reviews there because work has been so busy that I’ve barely had time to read! I need to get more involved there though:)

    • Real life always gets in the way of reading and blogging. You still manage to balance you work, reading and blogging, Jenny. I don’t participate much in groups either, I mostly discuss books. Many of my GR friends don’t have blogs, so the only way to interact with them is on GR.

    • Yes, like I said in my post sometimes I feel like I have two different lives. I noticed that GR discussions are more about books, and discussions on Blogs are more about blogging.

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