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How to make people follow your blog?

I’m sure every blogger at one point of their life ask themself this question. We live in such busy period. Everyone is bombarded with a stream of information, so it’s so easy for a newbie blogger to get lost. I began to think about it and realized that there are certain reasons why I choose to follow blogs

So today I want to tell you what makes a book blog interesting for me. Of course it’s just my personal preferences. Also I can’t write about all blogs that I follow in one post. Sorry, my friends, if I didn’t mention your blogs.

Similar book taste

Rachel from The Readers Den
I love to read books. A lot. Book reviews became less popular among bloggers recently (and it makes me really sad), but I still love them. There’s no better way to find a good book, than to read a rave review from a trusted friend (or to read a rant and dismiss a bad book for that matter). I have a lot of blogger friends, but I don’t have similar taste in books with all of them. I’m lucky to have a book twin in Rachel. Not only we have very similar taste in books, like me she loves audiobooks. If she enjoyed a book, I most likely would like it too.

Nereyda from Nick and Nereyda’s Infinite Booklist
I was happy to discover Nereyda’s blog last year (nowadays it’s Nereyda and Nick). I’m a serious audiobook addict. Seriously, I listen every chance I have. But it’s not that easy to find an audiobook for your taste. There are a lot of resources with book reviews, but audiobooks, not so much. Nereyda listens to a lot of audiobooks, and I find her audiobook notes and audiobook recs very helpful.

Beautiful writing

I have a weakness for beautiful writing. I’m in owe of bloggers who know their way with words.

Keertana from Ivy Book Bindings
I adore Keertana. Her pieces are so eloquent and thoughtful. I selfishly wish that she have more time to blog, so I can savor the beauty of her words.

Angie from Angieville
It’s such a pleasure to read Angie’s posts. She can write about anything, and I gladly would read it. And she has impeccable taste in books.

Thomas from The Quiet Voice
Our tastes in books are different, but I read most of Thomas’ reviews. I love his writing style, and all his pieces are so full of emotions.

Very thorough and informative reviews

When I was writing post Your audience: bloggers or non-bloggers? I realized that long reviews are less popular than short ones. And it baffles me as a reader. I need to have information about a book so I can decide if I want to read it. And for me it means that I want long informative reviews.

Milka, she writes at Read. Read. Read and Winter Haven Books
I truly believe that Milka is one of the best reviewers of YA contemporary. She writes very thorough structured reviews, and she makes it so easy to choose a book.

Danielle from Love at First Page
We have a lot of common books on our tbr-shelf. Though our tastes in books are not identical, I find her reviews very helpful. She writes very informative reviews, and I always read them.


There are a lot of blogs out there, but some bloggers stand out among others. They suck you in (in a good way) with their positive personality. Three bloggers instantly come to mind: Faye from The Social Potato, Cait from Paper Fury and Allie from Little Birdie Books. If I have to describe each one of them in just one word, it would be:
Faye – harisma
Cait – energy
Allie – humor
I don’t know how to describe their pull on readers. Just go on their blogs and experience it yourself.

Interesting discussions

Aentee from Read at midnight
Aentee writes very interesting and thought-provoking discussions. I love how she never imposes her opinion, but offers her readers a dialogue.

Personal blogs

We are a book community, so our blogs are about books. But I’m drawn to personal blogs, where bloggers talk not only about books, but about themselves.

Thomas from The Quiet Voice
Thomas used to post both his book reviews and his personal posts on his blog. Nowadays he posts his review on GR. At first I visited his blog because of his beautiful reviews, but The Quiet Voice is so much more. Thomas is such an open and honest person. He is so ready to open his heart and share his emotions. And he is a very inspiring blogger.

Jamie from The Perpetual Page Turner
Another blog that I discovered last year is The perpetual Page Turner. I clearly remember my first impression of Jamie’s blog: What a huge personality! She writes about books and about her life. Her posts are very personal. And it’s hard to stay away. I love her honesty. I love how creative she it. I love how she makes me stop, and feel, and think.

Blogger with whom you feel an instant connection

Kelly from Diva Booknerds
Kelly is such a kind and lovely person. Her comments are always so warm and heartfelt. I’ve only recently met her in blogosphere, but I felt an instant connection with her.

Unique content (which is interesting for me)

Aentee from Read at midnight
I truly love Aentee’s blog. She writes beautiful and thought-provoking reviews and her designs are gorgeous. She has her own style in everything.

Nereyda from Nick and Nereyda’s Infinite Booklist
If you haven’t seen Nereyda’s Cover Inspired Look posts, you are definitely missing out. She takes a book cover and composes a matching outfit. I love these posts.

Jenny from Supernatural Snark
Jenny is a professional designer, who makes covers for books. I’m always looking forward to her Cover Evolution posts where she shares how the book cover comes to life. Truly fascinating!

Lauren from Love is not a triangle
Lauren is known for her dislike of love triangles. While I don’t feel the same way, I find her posts on this matter very interesting. The latest one is The Kiss of Destruction.

Danielle from Love at First Page
I always look forward to Danielle’s Top Ten posts. They are so lovely. She adds these little cute touches, that make these posts unique and totally her.

I didn’t mean to offend anyone. I don’t want to reduce Aentee just to her designs, or Nereyda to her fashion posts; of course there is so much more to them.

Things that I realized while writing this post.

You want people to visit your blog and interact with you? I think that blog should have something special to stand out for potential follower. You need to make your blog unique. The most natural way to do so is to find out things that are interesting to you. Do you like to make your graphic designs? Do you find a pleasure in hand-lettering? Do you love fashion? Do you have a great sense of humor and love to write funny posts. Are you ready to open up and share your personal stuff with readers?

What I’m trying to say is that the blog is a reflection of its owner. What do you feel passionate about? You can try to do stuff just to be in mainstream, but you won’t success if it’s not something close to your heart.

So tell me about you. What makes a book blog interesting for you? If you are a blogger, have you ever tried to do things just to increase the number of your followers, and later realized that it didn’t work for you? Have you found your uniqueness blog-wise?

6 Comments on “How to make people follow your blog?

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    Danielle @ Love at First Page

    Thank you so, so much! It really means a lot that you enjoy my reviews and my TTT posts. <3
    Twitter has been helpful when finding new blogs to follow, but honestly the best friendships I've made are those that visit my blog and I visit theirs in return. I feel like they like what I'm writing, and I always look forward to reading their blogs too. (Yours included!!!)
    Many of these girls are blogs I visit regularly too! As I'm sure you can guess, Lauren from Love is Not a Triangle is a very close friend of mine, haha.

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    Cait @ Paper Fury

    Awww, *blushes* I’m really honoured to be included on this list. AND YUS TO THE ENERGY. hehe. I maaaay be a little overboard at times, but pfft, life is short. One must have fun while they can. And omg I love Kelly and Anetee’s blogs SO MUCH. I need to check out these other blogs you listed too! I follow blogs a lot of the time for the blogger…so it’s important to me when they’re nice and they interact with their audience *nods* OH and I love a gorgeous design. Who doesn’t?!? ;D
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

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    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence

    This is such a lovely post with many of my favourite bloggers! I think it’s sad that book reviews have become less of a focus but I still love doing them. I think as long as your personality shines through and your blog reflects what YOU want to be writing about, that people can really connect with that.

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    Jenna @ Happy Indulgence

    Yes! I agree with all these things. I love super long reviews as well because I find that shorter reviews don’t really tell you anything about the book. It’s usually just “I loved it so much, please go pick this book up”… which makes me think “but why?”

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    I stop by a few times before following, I like to see what type of reviewer they are, and engage with them a little. I am very social (online..LOL) and love interacting. I love discussion posts, top tens, reviews of different genres etc, so I follow a wide range of book blogs and even non-book blogs. Great post!

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    Aww, thanks Ksenia. Right backatcha kiddo <3

    Commenting is something I really try to take my time doing, because if blogger has gone to the trouble of sharing something with me, whether it be a review or discussion or just sharing something about themselves, the least I can do is listen and interact. I mean, you wouldn't ignore someone standing next to you in a queue who was trying to talk to you would you? Me either.

    Personally I love to visit blogs who have a quiet confidence. They don't need to rely on gimmicks, but posts that feel personal whether it be reviews or talking about their life. I don't need fancy words or GIFS, but keeping it casual is one of the best ways to draw in an audience. It feels like having a conversation with a friend and that's something you've already got in spades Ksenia. The key is to be yourself and be proud of what you put out and it will come back tenfold. Yours is one of my favourite new blogs to visit <3

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