Kiss and Tell #2. So Over You

Kiss and Tell is a feature about kisses in books. First kisses and good-bye kisses. Gentle kisses and angry kisses. Sensual kisses and awkward kisses. Kisses, that made me swoon, and kisses, that made me lift my eyebrow. Kisses, that made me smile and kisses that made me cry. Get ready, I’ll tell you about all of them.

I’ve read this book a while ago, and I admit that some things became a little bit foggy. Not this kiss… It lingers. It has such visceral effect on me to this day.

“We stood too close. I could see the flecks of color, golds and greens in his eyes, and I was sure he saw the unshed tears caught in mine. The moment bore down on us, heavy, like the feel of the air right before a thunderstorm. A little sigh escaped my lungs, and my chin tilted just a bit. His palm smoothed a small path from my chin to my cheek, and his fingers feathered into my hairline. We were powerless to stop, and our lips inched closer.

Closer. Closer. The first brief pass of his mouth shocked me even though I had known it was coming. I clutched his arms for support and kept my eyes open. He hesitated, his forehead wrinkled in bewilderment, and then he swooped in again, both hands in my hair, and the bottom of my world dropped away.

We kissed with the same parry and thrust that we did everything. An answer to a taunt. Vying for what seemed to be the same thing, the clash of wills and lips.”

from ‘So Over You’ by Gwen Hayes

So Over You is a brain candy kind of book. It is cute and funny. It has likable characters and delicious hate-to-love romance. It had hilarious banter, and it’s hugely entertaining.

Though this book is sweet and light, it deals with a very serious topic. And it was thrown onto the reader out of the blue. I wasn’t prepared for it at all. Just keep in mind that this book is not all fluff.

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