Cover Talk #3. Cover Change: Undecided by Julianna Keyes

Cover Talk is a feature, where I talk about covers. Beautiful covers and ugly covers. Covers that I love and covers that I hate. Covers that lured me to read a story and covers that were a reason I passed a book. This feature was inspired by Cover Fever at Reader’s Den

Have you read Undecided by Julianna Keyes? If not, please, do me a favor. Stop for a moment and look at these two covers below. What are your first impressions? What do you think this story is about based on Cover #1? What about Cover#2? Would you pick it up and what would be your expectations? For me and those who’ve already read this book, it’s impossible to be completely unbiased, so I’m very curious.

Those who haven’t read this book yet – you definitely should. You can read my 5 Stars review here.

My thoughts about these covers

Cover #1 (old version)
Its greatest fault is love-triangle vibe. The cover screams “love-triangle”. And there was not actually one here. I admit that it was the reason I hadn’t picked up this book at first. I know for sure that I wasn’t the only one to dismiss this book on sight based on the cover. But this cover is classy and it’s catching. If these two covers stood on a shelf side by side this one would be the one I single out and pick up.
I really hope that the author would work with the designer who made the old cover in the future.
Cover #2 (new version)
In my opinion this is an unremarkable cover that gives the impression of yet another sex-filled NA book, which is misleading, because Undecided is so much more. It makes me sad, because those readers who can appreciate this story would pass it on a shelf where this book would get lost among other NA titles featuring half-naked couples on their covers.

On the side note I’ve noticed that the first version of the cover was completely removed from this book GR page. I personally think that it confuses readers. I would prefer it to be left as a previous addition. On several occasions people didn’t get at first that it was just a cover change. Probably it was the author’s purpose to leave behind the old cover with all its issues. But I can say that it’s very annoying when you spend your time reading a blurb or review only to realize that it was the same old story. This tactic could work if readers made a decision to pick up a book based only on the cover, which totally can happened in rare cases, but most of readers read reviews or at least the blurb before purchasing the book.

So what do you think about this cover change?

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