Review: The Fifteenth Minute by Sarina Bowen. Breaking NA stereotypes

Title: The Fifteenth Minute (The Ivy Years #5)
Author: Sarina Bowen
My rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars


Freshman Lianne Challice is known to millions of fans as Princess Vindi. But sometimes a silver screen sorceress just wants to hang up her wand, tell her manager to shove it, and become a normal college student. Too bad that’s harder than it looks.

She’s never lived a normal life. She hasn’t been to school since kindergarten. And getting close to anyone is just too risky — the last boy she kissed sold the story to a British tabloid.

But she can’t resist trying to get close to Daniel “DJ” Trevi, the hot, broody guy who spins tunes for hockey games in the arena. Something’s haunting his dark eyes, and she needs to know more.

DJ’s genius is for expressing the mood of the crowd with a ten second song snippet. With just a click and a fade, he can spread hope, pathos or elation among six thousand screaming fans.

Too bad his college career is about to experience the same quick fade-out as one of his songs. He can’t get close to Lianne, and he can’t tell her why. And the fact that she seems to like him at all? Incredible.


Romance with a celebrity is one of my favorite tropes. I expect certain things when I pick up this kind of book. But The Fifteenth Minute wasn’t at all what I expected. The author used Lianne’s celebrity status to add more layers to her characters rather than to create drama and angst.

World knows Lianne as a gorgeous Hollywood star, but the real Lianne is a shy and nerdy girl, who want to be a normal college student, who want to fit in. It was great to witness her growth and transformation with the help of Bella, Rafe and of course DJ. I loved appearances of my favorite couple Bella and Rafe in this book.

DJ was a wonderful hero. He was a sweet caring guy with big heart. Lately bad-boy heroes somewhat lost their appeal for me, and I swoon over guys like DJ.

Their romance was lovely, full of chemistry and low on angst.

I liked how the author broke the usual NA stereotypes. Little touches here and there: the hero, who is not tall, but actually short; the heroine, who is a computer game player and a hacker.

I don’t want spoil the story, so I just say that the author raised a serious topic in this book and managed to do it in a sensitive way.

Though I didn’t love The Fifteenth Minute as much as the previous book The Shameless Hour (which is my favorite book in this series), it held my attention and entertained me a lot. I recommend this lovely and sexy story to all fans of NA genre.

Review: Down London Road by Samantha Young

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Review: Suffer Love by Ashley Herring Blake. That time when you relate to heroine’s parents.

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Author: Ashley Herring Blake
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“Just let it go.”

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Review: The Shameless Hour by Sarina Bowen. I loved it so much.

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Author: Sarina Bowen
My rating: 5 of 5 Stars


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Review: Unhinge (Fairfax #2) by Calia Read

Title: Unhinge (Fairfax #2)
Author: Calia Read
My rating: 3 of 5 Stars


Victoria can’t recall much of her life before she came to Fairfax Hospital, but she prefers it that way. She holds her beautiful baby daughter, Evelyn, every day and that’s enough…isn’t it? But when Evelyn is taken from her, Victoria’s world begins to fray at the seams. It becomes apparent to her that the hospital walls aren’t the only obstacles standing between her and the outside world—Victoria has constructed a hall of mirrors deep inside, every false image a distraction from the trauma of her past life. A white picket fence, a family on the way…yet something feels amiss in her memories of a happy marriage. When a handsome stranger begins visiting Victoria, pressing her to remember her past, she struggles to separate real memories from refracted images she has created, knowing at last that only the truth can set her free.

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Review: Saving Francesca by Melina Marchetta. Why my heart is cold?

Title: Saving Francesca
Author: Melina Marchetta
My rating: 3 of 5 Stars


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Review: Blurred Lines by Lauren Layne

Title: Blurred Lines
Author: Lauren Layne
My rating: 3 of 5 Stars


This book taught me one thing: our enjoyment and rating of the book hugely depend on our expectations. My 3 Stars rating is the result of my disappointment. And it’s actually funny, because I picked this book on a whim. I haven’t even read the blurb. And you can ask me what expectations I am talking about if I haven’t read the blurb. You see my expectations were not about this particular book, but about a Book written by Lauren Layne. Read More

Audiobook review: The Martian by Andy Weir

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A freak accident.
One man’s struggle to survive. Read More

Review: Cuff Me (New York’s Finest #3) by Lauren Layne

Title: Cuff Me (New York’s Finest #3)
Author: Lauren Layne
My rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars


I admit I had difficulties rating this book. On one hand I enjoyed this book, on the other I had a lot of issues, and I can’t look past them.

Jill and Vincent are long-time partners and best friends. Being a homicide detective is hard, but they make a good pair. It’s easy for Vincent to be a “bad cop”, when Jill is a natural “good cop”. Read More